SPRINGERDOODLE PUPPIES EXPECTED and Ready to leave mid November-mid December

**** A few of the emails I’ve tried to contact have come back as a failure.  If you sent in a contact form and have not heard back from me yet that means the email did not work.  Please contact me again if still interested in a puppy.****

We’ve had a successful breeding between Lizzie and Larry and pups are expected to be born around September 21st.  These springerdoodle puppies will be black/whites and possibly choc/whites.  They will be ready to leave us mid November. 

I also have 2 other dams in heat and hope to have litters from them ready to leave by December 7th.  These 2 litters will be cinnamon/white and beige/white.

If you have contacted me in the past few months I will be getting in touch with you to find out if you’re still interested in a puppy and what gender/color you’d like.  I am hoping for a litter of choc/whites ready to leave close to Christmas but I won’t know for sure until late August.

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