Springerdoodle Facts

Springerdoodles are a fun new addition at ShelbyGoldendoodles. 

Cinnamon/white Springerdoodles

Many of the requests we receive are for a dog smaller than a goldendoodle but not a “mini”.  Well I think we’ve come up with a wonderful solution. We’ve crossed an AKC English Springer Spaniel with an AKC Standard Poodle to produce Springerdoodles.  We’re delighted to have parti color, and occasionally tri-color, puppies.  Our Springerdoodles are very family oriented, highly intelligent, and best of all…non-shedding.

tricolor springerdoodle


4 wk.old “parti” Springerdoodles


Blonde springerdoodles

The coat of the Springerdoodle can range but it is usually about 2 or 3 inches in length with wavy to softly curled hair. Hair on the tail, legs, body, and ears are usually longer and slightly feathered, while the hair on the head and muzzle is shorter. Springerdoodles are more consistently no-shed or low-shed than the Goldendoodles and Labradoodles.  This is because the English Springer Spaniel does not have a thick heavy sheddng under-coat.  The Springerdoodle can be found in a range of colors that are common for both breed parents, black and white parti, chocolate and white parti, tricolor, cinnamon, black, blonde and tan as well as solid colors with white and/or tan markings.



The Springerdoodle breed of dog is usually a very sweet and happy breed of dog that is known for their playful temperament. The breed is very gentle and affectionate and they are very loyal to their family. They do well with children of all ages and usually get along well with everyone. The Springerdoodle is usually very good with other dogs and pets and they will even be accepting of strangers.

Average size:

Females:   16-21 inches and 40-50 lbs.

Males:   18-23 inches and 50-60 lbs.

Health Problems:

The Springerdoodle breed of dog has no known health problems.

Life Expectancy:

10 to 14 years


A good brushing once a week is all that’s required to groom a Springerdoodle.



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