Our Springerdoodle SIRES



Breed:  English Springer Spaniel

Color:  Black and White

Personality:  Wilson is our 4 yr.old English Springer Spaniel.  He’s bench bred with European relatives.  A wonderful loving, happy boy that wants to be with us constantly, he is still an energetic puppy but minds very well.  Wilson has normal elbows, good hips, his PFK DNA test is clear and he is normal for PRA.




Name:  OPIE

Breed:  English Springer Spaniel

Color:  Red and White

Personality:  Opie is 2.5 yrs.old.  He is field  bred and has a wonderful well-behaved, laid back temperament.  He is very affectionate and loves to retrieve.  He throws our cinnamon/white and beige/white springerdoodle puppies.  


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