Puppies are ready to go to their new homes as soon as they reach 8 weeks of age.  If it’s possible the best option is for you to pick them up here at our home.  I offer personal delivery to locations within 200 miles of Shelbyville, IL for an additional fee. I charge $40/hr. round trip plus fuel costs.

At 8 wks. of age I can have your puppy shipped to you via American or Delta Airlines. Domestic shipping costs are an additional $700, I no longer ship out of the US. These charges include the flight’s cost, the vet visit and Health certificate, the crate for shipping (which you keep) and expenses for my travel to the airport.

This fee MUST be paid at least 1 week before the scheduled flight of your puppy.

If the weather is too hot (85 or above) or too cold (below20) to ship a pup via cargo I ask that you look into personally flying into STL and meeting me.  You can carry a pup this size onboard as a carry on for a small fee and it’s the safest way if temps are extreme.  I can meet you at the airport for an additional $200 or you can rent a car for the 2 hr. trip to our farm.

Millions of animals travel safely aboard aircraft every year.  Airline personnel make every effort to handle these animals with care.  I have shipped puppies for the past 15 years and have never had any problems what so ever.  Dogs are typically transported as unaccompanied cargo through the regular cargo channels. Animals in the cargo systems are transported in climate controlled pressurized holds that are very much like the cabin of the airplane without the seats and windows.  Puppies are never drugged, they are shipped in a safe crate, from which they can easily see out the sides and front, with food, water, and a blanket.

Since the pandemic nonstop flights for pups are almost nonexistent  and it’s also prohibited by the airlines to travel during excessively hot or cold periods.  Due to these limitations it would be best if you could fly into and out of STL with the pup traveling back with you in cabin.

Even the best laid plans can go awry so please be aware that advance arrangements do not guarantee that your puppy will travel on a specific flight. To be as humane as possible, airlines reserve the right to refuse to handle an animal for such reasons as extreme temperatures at origin, transfer or destination airports.

The shipping charge of $700 domestic includes the crate, the vet’s health certificate, air fare and transportation to STL. 



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