We Love Our SpringerDoodles!

Charlie BoehmeHi Debbie!
We LOVE Charlie!! He is a mellow, happy, loving life type of character! He is about 53lbs now and has not had any health problems. I would not know what I would do without him! He was easy to potty train, barely barks and loves sleeping on our bed! He is great with the kids and constantly makes us smile. I would love another puppy but don’t see that happening rIght now due to finances! Charlie has said he wants’s a sibling!
We have camped a lot this summer and Charlie is an awesome camping dog. One of the attached pics was taken when we were camping!
Maybe we’ll come visit you one day as we often camp in Shelbyville!

Merry Christmas from the Boehme family and Charlie! He’s doing awesome!


Just an update to let you know Buster’s doing great and growing like a weed! BusterDefinitely loves the out of doors…even on rainy days. We love him!
Last weigh in he was 18.5lbs….that was about 3 weeks ago. He goes for his final shots on the 5th and will update you after his weigh in. We are doing puppy classes through the humane society and Buster is also a “hands on” dog used for an Animal Behavior class at the U of I. Twelve students love having a dog in class to hug…they miss their own at home. I think we are learning more than he is!B Schilling
Cindy Schilling



Clover.jpegClover our Springer Doodle is amazing. When we picked her up last year our kids were 5 and 7 she is the sweetest and friendliest dog and super smart easy to train. Clover has been such a blessing to our home! James is in love with his dog.Clover 1.jpeg Clover is now 22 lbs and still growing. She was a hit at the ball game and many folks were asking what kind of dog she was. Then you could hear many little voices saying I want a springerdoodle.
Regards, Mark

Gracie Color RunHi Debbie – I thought I’d send some recent pics of Gracie to show you how well she is doing and give you some pics to share with others interested in Springerdoodles. We get so many people stopping us to ask about her. She enjoys going to wineries to listen to music, the farmer’s market and even fireworks displays; and, she absolutely loves to go boating. She is adorable and fits into our family perfectly.
I hope your recovery is complete by now and you are doing well.
Kristi Knous Gracie tubing



Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how wonderful our Springerdoodles, Marta and Bisou, are. We are SO happy that we bought both of them! (Two dogs really are easier than one!) Both my husband and I have had dogs practically all of our lives, and we can honestly say that these are THE BEST dogs we have ever had!Bisou 1

They are playful, sweet, fun, and CALM, yes CALM! After being initially excited to greet people, they just chill out and go about theirMarta 1 business together or fall asleep on the floor (or couch) somewhere. Even at Thanksgiving when we hosted 14 people, they were calm as could be. Most of all, they are joyful. We always use that word to describe them, but it’s funny how many other people, independent of us, use the exact same word! To watch them play with each other or romp around the yard or dog park is a joy. In fact, because of their perfect disposition, I want to do “therapy dogs” with them after we move to California in the summer. People have told me, including a couple of people who have therapy dogs, that they would be great. (By therapy dogs, I mean taking them with me to hospitals, nursing homes, etc. where patients could pet them and cuddle with them, basically to bring their joy to others.)

Marta and BisouHere’s a funny but true story: One day, I was walking Marta and Bisou. A woman driving a car pulled over, rolled down the window, and said, “Those are the cutest dogs I have ever seen!” (I must say, one is cute, but the two of them walking together is so cute it should be illegal!) Then she asked me a bunch of questions about them, eventually reaching into the glove compartment to take out a piece of paper and a pen. She said they were looking for a dog, so she jotted down the information I was telling her, including the name of your kennel. So if you hear from another person from Clarendon Hills, it might be her 🙂 While this was an extreme case, I get grilled about the dogs all the time and have passed along your information to many people.

To remind you, Bisou is the black dog (she now has a lot of gray on her legs and as sideburns), and Marta is black and white. Bisou weighs about 35 pounds, has LONG legs and a longer body, and has more of the poodle characteristics. Marta weighs about 30 pounds, is slim but shorter and stockier like a Springer. Both “spring” like Tiggers, so to speak. They are hilarious and love EVERYONE, human and canine!Bisou and Marta 1

Well, that’s what I wanted to pass along. Thank you for breeding such amazing, sweet, fun, JOYFUL dogs with the most wonderful temperament. Oh, and they don’t shed! They have been a great addition to our family, and we are SO happy we brought two of them into our home. I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and have a happy new year!



Hi Debbie, just wanted you to know how much we were enjoying Izzy ( yes we changed her name from Macy). She is smart and so sweet. She has a great disposition and already knows several tricks.
Thought I would send you a pic of her over Christmas with my niece Izzy springerd.jpeg
Hope things are going well. We have given your name to several people
Gemma Ruhland


Hello Debbie!

Hurley.pngThis year has been amazing with Hurley!:) She is our little baby! she has the best temperament- and is the perfect mix of playful and affectionate even our friend who is a vet tech says that we hit the jackpot when it come to her personality and her temperament.
She is so smart- training her has been very easy- obviously a lot of work but she learns very quickly.
I just saw the pics of the springerdoodles from Nikki- I love the color of the two with the tri-colors. If you have anymore litters available with those colors please let us know! We have been talking about puppy #2:)…. Hurley 1.png



Hi Debbie
Dash is doing so well! We are having Loads of fun with him. I will send a photo. He is growing fast! Should I have a groomer trim him and if so how often?Dash
I heard from Nancy Malloy that she is getting one of your puppies. How fun!
Have a great day!
Jo Pfeil


Hi Debbie,
Harley is an absolute joy and has been an amazing addition to our family! He loves playing fetch, riding Harleyon our friends boat, swimming in the lake, going to work with me, but most of all – cuddling. Adults and kids alike adore his sweetness Thank you so much for introducing this big guy into our life!
Sara Puetz


ShelbyHi Debbie,
We named our sweetie Shelby instead of Cooper…she has been a joy to our family! Here is a picture of her enjoying boating at our cabin (her favorite place to be) Are all of your puppies spoken for? take care, Gail and Mark


Hi Debbie & Mike
I thought I would send you a few pictures of Nellie. We called her Pearl for a couple of days and that didn’t feel right (my mothers name was Pearl).
She held her head up high and howled a good part of the way home.
The first few nights were a bit rough. Last night she finally slept through the night until 7 this morning. She’s been to the vet. Likes car rides now.
She knows her name. Comes running when called. Sits on command.
Nellie richardsonShe likes people and other dogs we have had stop by.
We received 14″ of snow on Friday. The snow is deeper than she is tall. She loves the snow. Doesn’t mind being out in the cold at all. She likes to climb to the top of some pretty large snowbanks we have.Nellie
We absolutely love her and believe she is going to be a great dog.
She’s so smart!!
Donna & Craig



Hi Debbie,

We brought home one of Olivia and Steve’s puppies this June. We ended up naming her Pepper and I just wanted to let you know how awesome she is. First of all, she is the smartest dog ever. She sits, stays, rolls-over, fetches, shakes, and gives high-fives. All my neighbors ask me “How do you get her to stay in your yard?” She just follows us everywhere, and never roams at all.
Pepper 1 Almost every day when I walk her, people ask me what she is and say how cute she is. Can you tell we love her? Please keep us in mind, we are already thinking about a second one. I noticed on your website that you have tan and white puppies, but I trying to wait till spring or summer again. We definitely love the white/tan and white/black coloring on springerdoodles.
I am attaching 2 pictures, so you can see how cute she is now. Thanks so much for giving us such an awesome puppy.
Karen Krause



Hello Debbie,
We love our Springerdoodle..Teddy! He is the best dog. Very laidback springer personality who loves adventures Teddyand the outdoors! His coat is the softest I’ve ever felt. I attached a picture. I am constantly recommending you and your puppies to friends, family and anyone who asks.
Thanks again for providing Teddy for our family!  Stacey L. Tate


Hi Debbie!
Spencer, officially named I’m dreaming of Sir Spencer the Sensational (after both of his parents), he really is sensational! Amazing, really! He adores all of his people, he is eager to learn and please, he gets excited when the bus comes twice every afternoon and deposits one or two of his girls at the door, he LOVES to go to the dog park to play,spencer Dykstra he LOVES to be chased (but isn’t interested in chasing), he loves to run and go for walks. He also LOVES to go into any bedroom and pluck out the most cherished item in the room, bring it to us so that we see he got it and then eventually drop it on command. His training has been super easy – housetrained within a month, obedience training has been easy, too. He auto-sits, sits and lays for distractions, drops, heals, and comes on command really well. He truly is a delight to have in our family and we adore him. Thank you so much! We continue to consider getting a playmate for him, but I see that your waitlists are full already so we’ll have to think about it again next year!

Not sure you can see this in the picture, but in addition to his white chest, his beard is liver-colored and he has some liver colored spots on the back of his paws. He also has white hair sprinkled throughout so he looks like he is getting gray hair. He is adorable!

Thanks again!
The Dykstra family


Hi Debbie,
Just wanted to let you know we received the papers in the mail yesterday, and I am putting the warranty in the mail today. I am so relieved to hear about your recovery. I have been thinking about you a lot.
Here are some pictures of Sochi. She is such a great pup. She is so smart, loving, and great with our son. I would be interested to see pictures of some of her brothers and sisters. I get comments all the time on her beautiful coloring and eyes. Sochi
Have a wonderful weekend and again congratulations on the recovery. It is truly amazing. You and your family are blessed.
Melissa Klimek
Tucker 1


We go through Shelbyville all the time heading to the lake and always talk about stopping by to say hello! Tucker is doing fantastic. We honestly couldn’t ask for a better dog. We are constantly stopped by strangers asking what kind of dog he is and where can they get one! He has 2 goldendoodle “cousins” and we think their affects are very similar. Tucker 2Extremely friendly, loving, and patient with children and other animals. He is known as the adventurous one of the dogs and is not thrown or frightened by hardly anything. He was easy to potty train, however he has to stay in his crate during the day because he is a bit of a chewer! He is doing much better in his crate these days, though. He has been such an amazing addition to our family, we couldn’t be happier!

Here are some pictures of him as a puppy and all grown up 🙂
Jamie Olmstead

Hi Debbie,

It’s Saturday night, and I just recommended you to another parishioner. Phoebe comes to church with me almost every day. She is indifferent to most, but she has favorite people. She is the smartest dog I have ever had.

She is so patient and sweet, still a little shy, but not withdrawn.  She will be 4 years old September 1. Neither you nor I have time to read nor write all the stories about her. She causes joy wherever she goes.  So many people ask about her, I’ve thought of making a recording.  What a previous gift she is. I have kept you in my prayers every day.

Isn’t she beautiful?


Peace, Nancy+                  Hi Deborah!!             

We’ve been meaning to send you an email for months now. I apologize for taking so long. We wanted thank you so much for Dasher. He has been, and is, a true blessing to our family. He is the sweetest dog and Riley believes that he is another one of children! He has enriched our lives more than words could ever express. We would love another one to keep Dasher company, but our schedules are so busy that it wouldn’t be feasible at this time. But if we could, we would                                               have three Dashers. 🙂

 Take care!   Devin Maddox                                              

Thought you’d enjoy seeing how big Mickey has gotten. Must admit you captured his personality way back when he was a tiny pup, though getting him photoed while showing some teeth and bouncing around is tough.

Did notice the April litter had one that had Mickey’s spots. Was it the first one born too? Been wondering if spot growth is tied to how their lined up inside mum.

– Nolan


We just adore our Stella. She is so well behaved and such a loving puppy. At doggy daycare, they say Stella always makes new dogs feel welcome. She is a real treasure.

Scott Benson

Dear Debbie,
I know you run a business and I paid you for Nellie Belle, but I want you to know how grateful to God I am, and to you, for my puppy! She has an amazingly sweet disposition, and is as well behaved as anyone could expect a puppy to be. 🙂 she loves people and by sending you my t-shirt she bonded with me so easily!

She is growing so quickly that every morning when I let her out of the kennel she is bigger then when I put her in the night before. She is a constant source of joy and companionship.

I have attached some pictures so you can see how much she has grown. She looks a lot like Larry and and is increasingly taking Hova’s shape as she grows older.
                             Again, thank you so much.

Hi Debbie,

I hope you’re doing well! Now that Yadi is approaching 6 months old, we wanted to send along some pictures & give you an update. 

Yadi has the calmest demeanor I’ve ever seen in a puppy–people can never believe how young he is! He loves meeting new dogs & always starts jumping on his hind legs when he gets close to greeting one. He is ridiculously sweet and will walk up to every person as if he’s met them a million times before. He also has a fascination with picking up sticks on our walks, but he absolutely cannot understand that you have to hold it in the middle in order for it to stay balanced.

You’ll see in one picture that he graduated from puppy school–and highest in his class! Since class, he has learned the following tricks: sit, stay, here, down, shake (which he learned after 2 days!), touch, and leave it. Another one of our favorites is that he will sit at every crosswalk until we start walking. Such a smart pup!

All in all, Yadi was the best decision we have ever made. He makes every day a special one and we love nothing more than coming home to that adorable face after work. Thank you for all you have done!!

Hope you’re well,












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  1. Rev. Nancy malloy says:

    Debbie, just heard that the owner of Birds unlimited bought a puppy from you because of meeting Phoebe
    She just turned 7; I almost can’t believe it. I am convinced as are others that she is not completely dog; so perceptive and pastoral. I am looking forward to meeting her new relative. Love Nancy+

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