Our Past SpringerDoodle Puppies

Pepper 1 Marta 1Our springerdoodles come in multiple colors but all have very similar shaggy coats that may have a slight curl.  The coats do not shed and stay very soft. 

The variety of colors we’ve had are BLACK and WHITE parti, CHOCOLATE and WHITE parti,Clover.jpeg or CHOCOLATE or BLACK with white or tan markings.spencer Dykstra

available male springerdoodle Can leave us NOV. 1st


available male springerdoodle








CINNAMON with WHITE markings is a very popular color as are the pups with unusual color combinations of black, chocolate, cinnamon and white.shelby thanksgiving eve 2013 004ShelbySochiTucker 2











These pics have all been sent to me from previous customers that are very proud of their dogs. Some families have their springerdoodle trimmed as you can see in the  pics.  All of these are F1 springerdoodles.Carter CunninghamGruchala 7.4NellieNikki spring. 2


8 Responses to “Our Past SpringerDoodle Puppies”

  1. Leean says:

    Please put me on your wait list. I would like brown and white or tricolor

  2. Jill Alyse Davis says:


    We are a family of four in Boulder, CO, ready for a pup to join our family! I’ve been eyeing all sorts of doodles (aussiedoodle, bernedoodle, etc) and came across your site. I am in love with Springerdoodles! Could you please let me know when you expect your next littler, how large the dogs will be as adults, and best next steps?



  3. Nancy P says:

    Hello, we are hoping to add to our family early Spring 2020. We love the tri-color Springerdoodles, also the chocolate/white. We are in Missouri and currently have a 10 year old Standard Poodle and a 7 year old Shi-Poo. Please let me know if you’re planning litters for that timeframe.

    Thank you!

  4. Kristy Woodland says:

    Hello, we are interested in a Springerdoodle. Please let me know if you have or will have any puppies in the near future. Thank you.

  5. Carol Foxworthy says:

    We are interested in a black and white or liver and white springerdoodle. When might you expect a litter with puppies in either of those colors?

  6. Jennifer Miles says:

    Extremely interested in Springerdoodle please let me know when you will have more puppies!

  7. Leslie Oscarson says:

    Very interested in a Springerdoodle puppy. Have been without a dog for 1 year. Ideally looking for a black and white this Spring or early summer. Please let me know when you have some puppies for sale.

  8. Normi Howard says:

    We are very interested in a pup from one of the litters to be born in March. We like the tris, or brown and white, but they are all precious!
    Do you have any pups that are ready for forever homes in March? I love the website and that you are very well educated in breeding good dogs. That is so important. Thank you.

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