We Love Our GoldenDoodles!

Hi Debbie!
I just wanted to touch base with you about our purchase of a goldendoodle in May! We absolutely love our dog! Chloe is the best dog ever! She was so easy to train and is so calm!!! She is a wonderful addition to our family! I have given a dozen people your name, because they all love her! She goes with us everywhere. We have an R.V. and we go to all the Hawkeye football games. She is the hit of every tailgate. We have her in Hawkeye colors! She is such a lover! She loves everyone she meets. We have four children and they could not love her more. She goes with us every morning to take the kids to school and if she isn’t with me when I pick them up, they are really upset. My boys played baseball this summer, and we took her to every game and even overnighters!!! Needless to say, she is the greatest puppy ever. We want to thank you for doing such a great job! Our life would not be the same without her. If you can remember, we were having second thoughts about getting her right before we picked her up! There is not a doubt in our minds that we did the right thing!!!!! I am sending some pictures and I sent you our Christmas card with her in it!!! God Bless!                          Matt & Monica Burger

Hello Debbie!!!
The dogs are doing very well!!! Saphira is 16 months old and Daisy is 8 months old!!! They are the best dogs ever! They get along so well. We weren’t sure the first few days because Saphira was pretty much full grown and hyper and Daisy was teeny and so calm, but it worked out great! They love to play with each other so much! Saphira is 49 pounds and Daisy is actually 38 pounds. Potty training and learning tricks went very well. They are still great learners!! They think they are lap dogs and are part cat because they love to lay on the back of the couch and look out the window all day long! They make me feel very safe at night when I’m alone and I know we can’t wait to have them around when we have children one day. They do well with children and other people. Thanks so much,
Trish & Kyle

I just wanted to write and tell you about our dog Ruby (puppy from River and Jake in 2008) who turned one this July. I’ve attached some pictures for you to see. She is the most wonderful dog. She is sweet natured, smart and so patient with the kids. She barely barks at all and is a joy to have in our family. We just adore her. On her most recent trip to the vet this fall, she weighed 46 lbs just like you said she would. She is very tall and skinny and with all her fur often looks bigger than she is. My husband has pet allergies and has not had any problems at all with Ruby. Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful pets. Happy Holidays.      Laura Duggan

Hi. Just wanted to let you know Burly is doing great. He is a great puppy and we absolutely love him. He has a wonderful temperment and is great around the kids. We are so happy he has joined out family. Thanks. Doreen Phillipp

Hi Debbie,
My wife and I bought Cubby from you in the spring (Lucy and Jake) and thought you would like to see some updated pictures. Cubby is doing very well and is very playful. Always running around looking for someone to throw the ball or play tug of war. We just finished basic obedience and next up in early January is the canine good citizen test.
Sincerely, Joe Fink P.S. By the way, she is in love with the snow! We can’t get her to come in! We got 9 inches of snow today!! Yikes!

I can’t imagine the hundreds (thousands?) of people you hear from, but I couldn’t resist one more picture of Chloe. She is everything we ever hoped for and more.
Hope your holiday is a happy one. Kay Stecher

Can I get your address- I wanted to send you a picture of Ace. He has turned out to be the best and we love him dearly! Thanks- Janienne Bella

Hello Debbie!
We just wanted to give you an update on Oliver! We just can’t believe how boring our life must have been before he became part of our family! The kids love him to pieces and we are sure the feeling on his part is the same! He is so smart, we taught him to ring a bell when he wants to go out…which is all the time since there has been snow on the ground! He loves to cuddle on the couch which is a little more challenging now that he weighs 32lbs, although he thinks he is the same 10lbs we brought him home as!
I attached a few pictures, I hope you are able to open them! The Gomez Family(Germaine, Renee, Isabella, Branden and Oliver)

Here’s a Christmas Pic of Andrew and Lucky. He is a great dog. We took puppy and novice classes at LaBest Academy and are all getting along great. We all know how to walk with a leash, to sit and wait and not jump up. He’s smart and fun and great to have around. Hope you have a great holiday. Thanks, Barbara Nwacha

Hi Debbie,
I just wanted to say thanks for our Bailey. She is such a good dog. She is friendly with everyone and plays very well with young children. Our neighbor has a goldendoodle also, and she and Bailey have become good friends. They play with each other all the time. I will send another picture of her when she turns a year old. Linda Carey

Thought you’d like to see some pictures of your sweet,sweet puppy, Paddington. We’ve had her for just over a year now, and she has been great! We love her to death and she loves us as well. She gets along super well with all the cats and with our poodle Nettie. She has been a great addition to our home. She says Merry Christmas to you and to her parents! Jane, Russ, and Missy Witmer

Hi Debbie,
Lilly wanted us to let you know that she’s growing into quite a young lady. She’s completed three levels of puppy classes, passing her AKC Canine Good Citizen Test at 6 months! We’ve taken a little break, but we’re starting Rally Obedience in January. We’re having such a great time with Lilly. She’s easy going and totally loves being with people. She has traveled with us, staying in hotels, going up in the elevator. She takes it all in stride. What a love! I hope all is well with you. In looking at your website, it looks like you’re going to have oodles of doodles in the up-coming weeks. Have fun!
Linda Hemminger

Hi Debbie,
Just wanted to give you a quick update.
Sadie is settling in with the family nicely! She is doing really well with her crate training and we are teaching her to ring a bell attached to the door when she has to go potty outside. She is so smart! The kids love romping with her in the back yard and Sophia is so proud when Sadie walks her to the bus stop! Thanks again, Renee Udell

We are finally sending you pictures of Gracie. First of all, Gracie is now 2 years old. She just had her birthday in Feb. She is the best dog!! We just love her. She is wonderful with our kids. She loves each of us in different ways. Jackson (almost 5 now) plays with her as if she was his sister. They play very rough together. They run around in circles through our house. Yep, there goes our beautiful new carpet! Addison (almost 7) is very sweet with her. She is always loving her. Now with Carson (almost 9) they seem to have a love-hate relationship. Carson seems to forget that she is a dog sometimes. The other day we weren’t sure if Gracie accidentally pushed Carson down the stairs or if she wanted to get him back for something. She is pretty smart. She acts like a little baby with Mike. It is so funny. She just eats up the attention. I was never a dog lover, but I am a Gracie lover. She is very well behaved and loving. She is also a very good watchdog. She started to bark one night out our window and we are pretty sure it was a kid that was breaking into houses in the neighborhood. We are always getting comments about how pretty of a dog she is. My parents have watched her before and they even love her. My dad isn’t a dog person, so that is huge. She is just so good.
We have learned our lesson though. Her hair is beautiful, but we have to keep up with it or it will get matted. We of course didn’t do a very good job with that and had to get her shaved. She didn’t like that. She had an identity crisis for a week. Addison was a little sad too. She doesn’t like the feeling of her shaved. We also tried to save some money one time and try to shave her ourselves. Hilarious! She literally dulled the razor before we could even finish. The lady couldn’t help herself from laughing when Mike took her in. She looked like a clydesdale. Live and Learn!
We are just so blessed that she fits our family perfectly. She is a wonderful family pet. She is doing great! THANK YOU!!! It is funny, whenever we leave the driveway in our car we see her looking through the window with her cute little face. Then my husband jokes around….she is just waiting for us to drive away so she can go discover the house(like sit on our bed or the couches)! I would love to put in one of those cameras to see what she does. (or maybe I wouldn’t 🙂 I hope that you and your family are doing wonderful. I am sure that your business is doing great. I will try to keep up with the pictures. Take care, Mike & Tracy Harvey

Hi Debbie – We just wanted you to know how much we love our puppy-son. He is so good natured, smart and such a clown. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He will be a year old on April 4th, and we’re having a birthday party for Scout and his doggie friends. In the meantime, here are pictures of him from a month ago in the snow, as well as in his “Scout” uniform last Halloween. He will (hopefully) be getting his AKC Good Citizen certification in May, as he will then have finished puppy classes, as well as intermediate, advanced intermediate and advanced training by then. Then, it’s on to agility training. Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives! Sincerely, Kim and Don Payne

Hi Debbie
Our puppy was actually nameless for a few days after he joined us. We tried out “Mac” but it just didn’t fit. We setted on Riley, aptly named because he has “the life of Riley”!
Words can’t describe what a wonderful puppy he is. My sister-in-law died 2 days after he arrived at our home. Our schedules were upside-down and we had family coming and going for the next week. Riley was so very perfect. He “pooped” in the house on his first night home, and that has never happened again. His house-training has gone very well with minor piddle-puddles that only happen about once a day. Crate training has gone really well. He loves to walk and play. He loves everyone he meets and every dog as well. Oh my…he has been so very EASY. Sweet, gentle, loving, soft-and-cuddly. He is absolutely perfect! We even considered changing his name to Einstein cuz he is such a prodigy! Seriously, we are absolutely filled up by him. What a great little guy.
Debbie, I will send you pics one of these days. He is growing so fast and becoming leggy and fluffier by the day. We are so very grateful that our paths crossed and we were able to get one of your very special pups. Michele Lawhead

Should anyone ask you how doodles are with kids, you can always show them the attached photo. They are AWESOME with kids! Kay Stecher

Hi Debbie,
Hope you are well. Just wanted to send you an email to tell you how much we are enjoying our puppy, Rosie. She is just the sweetest thing! It is such a great feeling to walk into the house and have her waiting for me. She is loving and wonderful with my three daughters. My oldest daughter Dani who was not the biggest dog lover is the biggest helper, taking Rosie out all the time and playing with her constantly. My husband, Scott, who clearly told me this would be “my” dog not his, now proudly walks Rosie often. I find him petting her all the time. Rosie has brought so much happiness to our family. Thanks so much, Cindy Musoff

I thought you might enjoy seeing how much
Sammie loves the water. She loves fetching sticks and is a natural swimmer. I think she is a very happy puppy. Vicki Lakamp

Hello Debbie,
I am finally getting around to sending our pup Sadie’s 1 year picture. (She was born 4/4/09 to Ruby and Jake.) We recently moved from St. Louis to Texas, and I’ve been a bit behind on things while getting settled in. Sadie is a delight to our family and is great with our 3 kids. The pictures show her pre-haircut. She has since had a trim around her face and feet. Hope all is well, Linda Pfrommer

Hi Debbie,
Wanted to let you know Blazer has been an awesome addition to our family. Attached is a recent pic of blazer with a new bone. as well as a picture of him on his bed from January.
He is fantastic with our 6 and 4 year old and we have worked with him in a puppy class and other obedience classes. He is quite smart and catches onto things very quickly. So far, he weighs in a little over 60 pounds! Hope all is well with you and your family. Chris Salzmann

It is hard to believe that Charlie is just over two years old now! I could not have a better dog. In the time since we last spoke I have trained Charlie to work as my service dog. He can pick up things that I drop, retrieve important items such as a phone, pull clothes out of the washer and dryer, get a bottle of water out of the fridge, open/close doors, and hit automatic door opener buttons. Incredibly, he has learned all of this in record time. Accompanying me to class and everywhere in between, Charlie is a great companion. Wherever we go, I get stopped by other people asking what kind of dog he is and commenting how gorgeous he looks. Eventually, I plan on getting Charlie tested to be a certified therapy dog. My goal is to attend grad school after I graduate in May and work to become a licensed clinical social worker. With Charlie, I intend to use animal assisted therapy with clients. In the meantime, Charlie and I will be volunteering at a local homeless shelter in Springfield, IL this summer. Sadly, there are many children there. As a way to motivate the kids about their academics, they are going to read to Charlie. Well, I just wanted to send you a quick update. I hope all is well with you. Sincerely, Katelyn Murray

Noodle is absolutely brilliant! After just 2 days she walks nicely on her leash, sits on command as well as greeting people and comes and sits when we call her. No accidents thus far and she slept last night from 10:30- 6 am. Kudos to you, River and Jake! We absolutely love her. Regards, The Welsers

Dear Debbie,
It has been over a year (May 16, 2009), since my husband and I purchased our male goldendoodle from you (Roscoe). I drove and met you 1/2 way to pick him up. Three days later, we found out we were expecting our daughter who is 5 months old. Roscoe is an absolute joy! He is gentle and has a good heart. He is very protective of our daughter and best friends with our 15 lb. poodle. He is very smart and the best dog we have ever had. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Kimberly & Ryan Calhoun, Ottawa, IL

Hi Deborah,
Its been just about 5 months and i can not thank you enough for Wilson. He is the most incredible dog, we are blessed to have him a part of our family. He has the most amazing personality, he’s loving, goofy and so sweet with the kids. Thank you again, maybe we’ll get him a brother or sister in the very near future. lmk when you have another litter. thanks again, Linda Sommers

Hi Debbie!
We wanted to take a moment to update you on the puppy. We decided to name her Elsie and she is doing great! Everyone that sees her just falls in love. They all tell us that she is the most precious dog they have ever seen. She is very sweet and warms up to new people very quickly. She is also very smart. She has learned sit, leave it, drop it and her favorite “down” within a week (she’s kinda lazy haha). Her favorite spot in the house is the vent. She loves laying over it while taking naps. I wanted to thank you again for everything. We couldn’t be more happy. If you ever need to use us as a referral I would love to sing your praises! Thanks! Nathan Hoffman

Hi Debbie,
Just wanted to send you a note and let you know we absolutely LOVE Charlie…..she is the black English girl from Cocoa and your Charlie that has the white chin, born April 26. We named her Charlie after my Grandpa who adored animals of all kinds. Fitting, since her dad is Charlie also! She has just trained so easily and we have not raised a puppy before! I can’t wait to see what her coat will look like when she is full grown. Right now she is 31 lbs. I am sending a few pictures also. Thanks again. I am so happy we were able get a puppy from you! Sincerely, Jennifer Barr

Well Murphy is by far the best dog I have ever owned. He is house broken easily and is learning so much so quickly in puppy class I am amazed everyday. Words can not express how thankful I am that you do what you do. I also wanted to share a little Murphy story. Now he goes everywhere with me and he has been coming to work since 5 days after he came to live with me. I work with all sorts of children but I have this one little boy who loves dogs but is also fearful of them. For three weeks he asked if he could touch Murphy and I would say no not yet. But by the fourth week I thought okay and I asked him to sit down and get comfortable. The little boy decided to lay down on his tummy facing the crate. I opened the door and Murphy mirrored the little boys body, he crawled out of the crate, I have never seen him crawl before this time and I am speech less. The two of them were nose to nose with each other. I looked up and see the mother with tears coming down her face that scene was priceless. They stayed like that for 2-3 minutes and me with no camera. Well I still see this little boy and each and every time he comes in Murphy goes what I call flat and that is how the two of them greet each other. AMAZING is all I can say. Thought you might like to know. Sincerely, Lara and Murphy White

Hi Debbie,
I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for the pleasant experience with getting our puppy. Zuzu is doing great ! She just had her second set of shots last week. Her initital exam with our vet went really well too. At her visit last Friday, she was 15 lbs. I am pretty sure she is more now 😉 She is such a little charmer, and SO smart ! Her trip home was uneventful…a little whining now & then, but that is to be expected on a 5 hour drive. No throwing up or anything though. In the time that we have had her, we make sure to take her on short car rides each week & she has no problem! She is doing really, really well on the house training front. The only accidents that she has had was if I wasn’t paying close enough attention to her signals. She is starting to bark or whine when she needs to go, so it is getting easier. She will sit, stay, lie down & come. She likes to walk on her leash too …We had some hard mouthing issues, but they are getting better daily as we work on it. She has a great personality, very sweet and playful, but quite relaxed too…perfect for our household. we play a little, then rest a little 😉 Just wanted to give you a quick update & let you know what a wonderful little addition to our family Zuzu was. We get stopped all the time when we walk her…..everyone also says how adorable she is, asks her breed, where we got her, etc…. She acts even better around strangers than around us ! Thanks once again for all of your help in making this a positive experience for us ! Kind regards, Laura Suffi & Family

Hi Debbie,
I wanted to send you an update on Baxter. He just had his first bday a few weeks ago! It was quite the party. My mom had the neighbor girls be the party planners! It was a Hawaiian theme, complete with grass skirts, pool, and two level cake! Neighborhood kids and dogs were all invited! Baxter has a personality all his own! Everyone who meets him says they have never met a more human dog. My parents continue to travel back and forth from Alabama to the St.Louis/Illinois area always bringing Baxter along. He makes friends at every stop! He’s one spoiled dog that’s for sure! I’ve attached a few updated pictures for you.                  Erin Oliver

Hi Deb!
Just thought I’d update you on our little Jake Jr! He’s doing really good here and loved going to Myrtle Beach with us! He didn’t get car sick at all, thanks to the Dramamine the vet recommended. People stop me all the time to say how cute he is and to inquire as to what kind of dog he is! I’ve been told by many dog owners that he’s the most calm, well mannered puppy they”ve seen. He won 3rd in a little pet contest for cutest dog! We’re very happy with him and can’t wait to see him grow up. We had family portraits done last week and had him in them so we can look back and see how much he’s grown! Hope all is well with you and your family! Thanks again!
Stephanie LaRoche

It’s Jen Nehls from Wisconsin. My husband, Ken, and I bought Cooper from you nearly 2 1/2 years ago. I just wanted to let you know that he is doing VERY well and we get compliments on him ALL THE TIME! The most exciting news, though, is that he and I just became a registered Delta Society Pet Partner Therapy Team! He did so well that he was rated Complex, which is almost unheard of for the first time being evaluated! If you’re unfamiliar with Delta Society, you can read about it on their website, http://deltasociety.org/. I’ll first have to “shadow” another team a time or two, but then Cooper and I will begin visiting patients at Meriter Hospital in Madison. I thought you’d be excited to hear how one of your “babies” will be bringing smiles and love to even more people. He is truly a very special boy. By the way, are you still breeding? We get asked all the time where we got him. Thanks! Jen

Attached is a picture of
Daisy (6 months old) with my daughters. She is the absolute best dog ever! She is such a love and is so patient with my kids. Other than being the cutest thing ever she is also so smart and sweet. I just want to thank you again! Beth Del Vecchio

Baylee really has been the most wonderful addition to our family. I can’t tell you the countless number of compliments I have gotten on her. She truly has the most wonderful temperament, is smart, beautiful and so so loving. She really is the best family dog! Happy Thanksgiving, Heidi Eubanks

Hi Debbie,
I brought home one of River/Jake’s pups in June. I took the one with the green ribbon/collar and she is cream colored, and her name is Rio.
I just wanted to give you an update on Rio and send some pictures! When I first brought Rio home (24 year old first time dog/puppy owner), I thought “What the heck was I thinking!?! I don’t think I can handle this!!”. I felt completely overwhelmed with actually being responsible for somebody other than myself. I was constantly worried that I would make a mistake and it would have disastrous consequences. It took a little while for that anxiety to subside, and once it did, it was a complete relief. Rio is an excellent puppy. We haven’t had an accident since she was 3 1/2 months old, and she was never nippy! She was the star of her puppy class, mostly due to her love of food (Rio will do anything for the smallest morsel of a treat). She’s always hungry and loves frolicking around in the fall leaves. She is a total lap-puppy who sleeps on my legs every night before going in her crate, and always tries to sit on other people’s laps too! She adores everyone she meets and instantly puts smiles on their faces with her adorable antics. For example, Rio likes to do “shake” a lot and offers her paw to anybody who comes to say hello. The highlight of Rio’s day is going to the bus stop to greet all the people waiting for the bus, although she is always sad when the bus comes and they leave. She’s the neighborhood celebrity… people stop their cars and pop out of their houses just to give Rio some hugs and kisses. Rio’s favorite are the elderly people or people with wheelchairs, and she’s amazingly gentle with them. Her favorite man is a WWII vet who sits outside his house every afternoon. Rio “helps” him sort his mail and gives him many sloppy kisses. She even kisses his wheelchair while wagging her tail a mile-a-minute. I’m hoping to go through therapy dog training with her because she just makes people really happy. Growing up, I myself was very afraid of dogs, but all the while I wished I wasn’t afraid and I wished that I had a dog. During college I slowly worked through that fear, and decided that this summer was the time. My mom was incredibly afraid of dogs as well, and I was worried that my mom would not feel comfortable visiting me because of Rio. An example of how afraid my mom was of dogs: If a leashed dog was on the same sidewalk as my mom, my mom would walk out into the street without even looking to see if a car was coming.
Well, here’s the news of the century. My mom and dad BOTH adore Rio sooo much. My mom plays tug-of-war with Rio, gives her kisses on the top of her head, and will do “shake” as many times as Rio would like. My dad plays fetch with Rio and gives her lots of snuggles. Rio has had an incredible impact on my family, and now my parents (from Chicago) come visit me in Savoy just to see her! They can’t imagine life without her, and neither can I. I never could have imagined how much I love that little fluffball. Also, I just wanted to thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your support that began even before River was pregnant with her litter! I never felt hung out to dry, since I knew you were just an email or phone call away. You made the process of choosing Rio, and watching her grow to be such an amazing experience that I was able to share with my mom and my boyfriend. My mom left your farm that day feeling so relaxed about my decision to get a puppy, and for that, I thank you again. She even said that once Rio is 1 year old, she’d love to get a puppy for her and my dad! By the way, three families that met Rio in my neighborhood, or at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana, contacted you to get pups! I don’t remember their names but I gave them your email address and when I ran into them again they said they were on your list to get October pups! Rio is a pretty great ambassador for Shelby Goldendoodles! Thanks again, Sami Narayanan

Hi Debbie-
We just wanted to write you and give you an update about our wonderful Goldendoodle that we purchased from you about a year ago. Griffin was a pup from Savannah and Jake and he just celebrated his 1st birthday last week. Words can’t describe how much we love our furry little monster and we often comment how it was one of the best decisions/purchases we have ever made. Griffin is a show stopper wherever we take him, from his daily walks in the park to the local pet store. We have had numerous people comment on him looking like a giant stuffed teddy bear. People often mention his large size but we enjoy having our 70 lb pup share the couch with us 🙂 He was easy to both crate and potty train and he easily learns new tricks. And probably the best of all is that he loves to ride in the car, which makes our lives so much easier as we often travel on weekends to visit our families several hours away. It never fails when we are leaving for a trip that Griffin is always the first in the car ready to go. We have attached a few of our favorite pics of Griffin for you to see. Thanks again for breeding such beautiful and healthy dogs! Justin & Gretchen Rimel

Hi Debbie!!
Hope you guys had an awesome New Year’s! We thought it would be super fun to send YOU a puppy update this week. 😀 First of all, I know we’ve said it like a bajillion times, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. We honestly could not have imagined a more perfect puppy. He’s been an absolute dream. We didn’t have any accidents or whimpers the entire car ride home. He and Cosimo (our kitty) shockingly get along great! We figured it would take a few weeks for them to warm up to each other, but Caesar was very calm when he first got home and gave Cosimo plenty of time to check him out. They’re not exactly snuggling up to each other yet, but Cosimo lets Caesar chase him around and Caesar is constantly trying to share his toys with him. It’s pretty hilarious actually.
We’ve only had a couple piddle accidents inside, but mainly because we weren’t getting him out right away after a nap. We’ve since learned how to throw on sweatshirts, coats, boots, and grab a leash and treats in under 30 seconds, haha. We made it through yesterday without a single accident and we’re hoping to continue that streak today. It amazes us that he’s one of the quietest dogs we’ve ever known. At first he whimpered for a few minutes when it was time for his crate, but he’d settle down in a few minutes and sleep through the night! Now he only whimpers when he’s in the kitchen with the baby gate up, but he’s definitely getting used to it. He’s only barked a handful of times and almost never when he’s inside. All of our neighbors think he’s a wonderdog. He’s super friendly with just about everyone he meets and has charmed our whole family. He already knows “sit” and we’re almost good with “down.” We are completely and 100% in love with him! We took him to our vet on Monday to say hello, and he slept through the whole visit! He’s already 10 lbs and (of course) totally healthy. We also have to thank you for all the info you sent home with us. We did some research on all the brands of food you recommended and returned that Eukanuba food. 😛 We settled on Orijen while he’s a puppy and once he’s big we might switch him over to Evo. We also got him some Wellness brand puppy treats, and now he turns his nose up at any other kind of treat! We’ve attached a few photos for you to see. Take your time with all the website stuff and let us know if you have any questions! Good luck with all the other puppies! We keep telling everyone we know that they need to go get one, lol. Talk soon, gina&tony

Hello Debbie:
We recently celebrated Henry’s first birthday and I wanted to e-mail and tell you how well he is doing. For your official records his full name is “Henry the Naughty Dog”. He is very much like a small child – good when you pay attention and mischevious when left to his own devices. He is about 70 pounds and very healthy. He is beloved by all who know him incl. the neighbors, the vet and the groomers. He was an outstanding student at clicker training and is a real glutton for tummy rubbing. That he has not irritated my husbands allergies at all is just icing on the cake. He was an excellent choice for us and I sometimes look at your site thinking it would be fun to have another although the next needs to be shorter. Henry stole and ate a half of a pumpkin pie cooling on the counter at Thanksgiving! We (especially me) love him dearly. Thank you for Henry. LeeAnn Hartnett

Hi Debbie,
I am happy to report that Molly has been doing terrific this week. She hasn’t had any accidents in the house or in her kennel since our last email. We moved her kennel into the family room, and made it a happy place for her to be (kids played in it and gave Cheerios to “kennel up”). She now goes to the back patio door when she needs to go out. However, since the new snowfall, she sits by the door often as she LOVES to play in the snow. Here are a few new pics of the kids with Molly taken this week. Thanks again for your help/advice. We just LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!! Jenny

Hi Debbie!
Just wanted to send a quick email to say that our puppy, Gracie, is doing very well! She’s a little over 12 weeks now and is absolutely adorable!! I think we’ve just about mastered the potty training thing – we’ve begun teaching her the “ring the bell” technique, which she hasn’t fully responded to – but we’re still working on it. She loves the three boys and all their friends and is in love with all the snow we have! We have a fenced in yard so she loves to spend time out there chasing all the kids. 🙂 She’s been to the groomers once so far and did very well. She has been healthy, with the exception of one ear infection. She came into our lives right at the perfect time…..after we put our 13 year old dog to sleep and during the first Christmas without my mom. She helped us through what could have been a very difficult holiday season. Thanks for letting us adopt this beautiful puppy, she is dearly loved already! I’ve attached a couple photos of her. Thank you, Elise & Mark Duesing

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Lucy checked out fine at the vet and let you know how much we are enjoying her. She is incredibly smart. In just one week she comes dashing at you when called, sits and lays down on command and runs to the door when you say the word poddie. She loves her toys, plays well with all her new found four legged cousins and does not puppy bite the 3 year old. I am sending a couple of pic’s and will send you some more when she gets older. Donna Reese


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