About Us

Shelby Springerdoodles is located on our family farm in central Illinois. For over 15 years I’ve been breeding for the best generation of Doodle, the F1. I began with F1 GoldenDoodles which are fabulous family dogs but they do get quite large and tend to counter surf.  Also, many people are restricted by the allowable size of their dogs in their apartment or townhome.

I wanted to provide a dog for these families with the wonderful qualities of a GoldenDoodle but a smaller size.  After lots of research, I decided to breed for F1 SpringerDoodles which are smaller and have more variety of colors.

These dogs make the perfect family pet no matter if you’re in an apartment or house, have a yard or not.


Just as I did with my GoldenDoodles I only breed for the F1 generation of SpringerDoodles.  Having a degree in Biology/Genetics gives me a strong background for breeding and any generation other than the F1 will have potential genetic problems. Only the true “first” F1 generation exhibits the hybrid vigor advertised in the hybrid poodle breeds.

As a retired biologist and science teacher, farmer’s wife, and mom of 4 adult children, I’m now lucky enough to spend the majority of my time raising SpringerDoodles. We have lots of family living within 10 miles of our farm who love to visit so our puppies are very well-loved and socialized.

I am an owner-recommended breeder. I do not sell to brokers, puppy mills, large kennels, or labs for testing. My pups are part of our family and loved and looked after from the time they’re born.

All our parent dogs are our pets and on-site, I do not board out my parents for someone else to take care of. All our dogs are registered with AKC and have OFA certification. I breed for ONLY the healthiest first (F1) generation of  SpringerDoodles, the only true hybrid Doodles. Any other generation is risking genetic health concerns and is not a true hybrid but more poodle than spaniel or vice versa with the genetics of poodle or spaniel on both sides. With our puppies, you know EXACTLY what to expect in inherited traits.  I also refuse to breed for “mini” doodles because I want my pups to have a wonderfully calm, laidback temperament.

I offer a 1-year health guarantee on all of our puppies and a lifetime of support and re-home if needed. Our puppies have current health records and are vet checked, have UTD on their vaccinations, and are dewormed at 2, 3, 4, and 6 wks. of age. I begin crate training at 6 weeks old and the pups are ready to leave us at 8 wks. of age.