We have no available puppies right now but hope to have a litter ready to leave for Christmas.  I will know if we are or not by the end of August. 
I was hoping to have a litter of cinnamon/whites ready to leave in October but the breeding wasn’t successful so our next cinnamon litter will be next spring.

As of now the airlines are not shipping puppies so your options to pick up your puppy are:

  • Drive to Shelbyville, IL and pick up your puppy in person.
  • Fly into St. Louis, MO and meet me at the airport (STL) and fly back with your pup in cabin with you.  For this I charge an additional $200 which will include the pup’s paperwork required by the airline, an airline approved carrier, collar, leash, water bowl and small bag of food.
  • Fly into MO or IL and rent a car to pick up your pup, we are 2 hrs from STL and 3.75 hrs from ORD.
  • Arrange ground transport for your puppy, there are many companies now doing this for a fee.