Our Pricing

All pups are $2000 regardless of color or gender.

I don’t accept deposits until puppies are born.
The deposit is $500 and non-refundable.
$1500 balance is due at pickup.

Once I’m sure one of my dams is expecting a litter of puppies I will update my website with the information.  When you contact me about a puppy  I add your name to my waitlist and contact you after the pups are born.  When I contact you at that time you’ll need to tell me you’re definitely wanting a pup and send me a deposit of $500 to hold either a male or a female pup for you.  The order of pick is determined by placement on the waitlist.  The order families get to pick will be based solely on the order of my waitlist.   The $500 retainer is NON-REFUNDABLE  and will be applied to the full price of the puppy.  The balance is due when your puppy is ready to leave us at 8 wks. old unless being shipped and then it is due at 6 wks. The balance can be paid by cash, PayPal, Venmo bank wire transfer, or postal money order.  If paying by check  I must receive the check by the time the pup is 6 wks. old.  If the balance is not received by this age the pup may be offered to another family for adoption with your forfeit of the retainer.

The pups are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age.

Shelby Springerdoodles agrees to keep the pup up to 8 weeks of age. If it becomes necessary for the puppy to stay beyond this age for your convenience, there will be a $25/day boarding fee.  Any expenses for air travel are additional and due by the time the puppy is 6 wks. old.

In purebred circles and crossbreeds like the Springerdoodles, there is a wide range of prices.  You can purchase puppies for $500-800, or from $1500-3000 and up.  Typically the lower prices are for puppies that come from parents who have not had any health testing or come from breeders who don’t care about the health problems of any generation other than F1.  Usually, there is no health warranty offered by the breeder or breeder support after purchase.

It is important to understand that a lot of time and money has been invested in our dogs before considering them as breeding candidates.  Typically I get my breeding dogs as puppies after extensive research of their pedigrees and health history and train and raise them myself.  If they don’t meet my requirements for health and temperament I sell them as pets and do not let them breed.   They are all AKC registered and come from reputable purebred breeders.  I NEVER breed past the F1 generation.

Your Puppy purchase includes the following:

  • Assurance you are getting a very healthy, well-tempered puppy from a breeder with the education and experience to guarantee it.
  • A puppy from 2 purebred AKC registered parents who have excellent health and pedigrees.
  • Age-appropriate shots for the puppy, dewclaws removed, a vet examination and 4 regular dewormings.
  • Copies of parents’ registrations and pedigrees.
  • 1-year health guarantee.
  • Puppy’s Health record including all shots and wormings.
  • Bag of puppy food the puppy is currently eating.
  • The baby blanket smells like Mom and siblings.
  • Crate and Vet’s health certificate if being shipped.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

We are located in central Illinois.  Our family farm is 2 miles NW of Shelbyville, Illinois. You can find us on google maps by putting in Shelby Springerdoodles or our address:

1449 N, County Rd. 1675 E, Shelbyville, IL  62565

How do I adopt a puppy?

The first thing to do in adopting one of our puppies is to explore our website and make sure you have read all the important information such as  Springdoodle Facts,  Adoption Application,  Health Warranty, and Pricing.  The next step is to contact me and let me know you’re interested in one of our puppies.

Can I pick my own puppy?

Yes, when a litter is born I will start contacting families on my waitlist and ask if they want to put down a deposit to hold a puppy.  The order of choosing a puppy will be determined by the order families tell me they definitely want a pup and are sending a deposit.   All pups are picked the first 2 wks. after being born.

A deposit of $500 will assure you get a puppy of the gender and coloring you want.  Once a family picks out their pup I will send them updates and pics every Friday until they get their pup at 8 wks. old.

What is included in the purchase price?

Our F1 SpringerDoodles are priced at $25oo regardless of gender or color.

This price includes:

  • Assurance you are getting a very healthy, well-tempered puppy from a breeder with the education and experience to guarantee it.
  • A puppy from 2 purebred AKC registered parents who have excellent health and pedigrees.
  • Age-appropriate shots for the puppy, a vet examination, 4 regular dewormings, a 1-year health guarantee, the parents’ registrations and 3-year pedigrees, a sample bag of puppy food, and a baby blanket that smells like mom and siblings.
What food are you feeding the puppy?

I feed Diamond Naturals Lg. Breed Puppy Lamb & Rice & Vegetable Formula food and if you go online to you can put in your zip and see if it’s sold anywhere near you.  It’s a very good dry food that has no wheat, corn, or soy and is much cheaper than top brands of equal quality.  If you want to feed another name brand try to buy one that’s for puppies and has no wheat, corn, or soy as these ingredients can cause allergies as a dog gets older.

Do your puppies shed?

Typically NO.  It is impossible for us to 100% guarantee that our puppies will not shed.  Any doodle breeder that does is not being truthful.  All poodle hybrids shed very little if at all.  It is our experience that our doodle pups have little to no shedding but there is always the possibility that they may.  During the first year of life, your puppy’s coat will go through several changes and you may see temporary shedding now and then.

How big do your puppies get?

On average our F1 Springerdoodles are:

Males: 18-23 inches and 45-55 lbs.

Females: 16-21 inches and 35-45 lbs.

Do you remove dewclaws and dock tails?

Yes, the dewclaws on our puppies are removed within the first 2 days.  I do not dock tails.  Other than appearance there is no reason to amputate the tail so we do not have it done.

When is the puppy’s next vet appointment?

In my Health Warranty, I ask that you take your puppy to the vet within 1 week of leaving our home.  If the vet finds anything seriously wrong (inherited and life-threatening) with the puppy we will replace the puppy or refund the price of the puppy minus the deposit.  If you do not take the puppy to the vet within 1 week please note that our contract will become null and void.  I recommend you take the pup to the vet for 1 wk. checkup as close to the 9 wk. age as possible so you can also get its next immunization at the same visit.  The puppy will go for its final visit and 3rd puppy shot no later than 14 wks. of age.

Please note that the support never stops at  Shelby SpringerDoodles.

I’m more than willing to answer any questions at any time regarding your dog but please take the time to peruse the different web pages before you call as they will answer many of your questions.  Please don’t hesitate to email me.  And my family loves getting updates and pictures of our puppies with their new families once your puppy leaves its first home.


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