Springerdoodle Facts

SpringerDoodles are now my favorite type of Doodle!  Over the past couple of decades, many of the requests I received were for a smaller version of the GoldenDoodle.  I never wanted to breed with a miniature poodle because of their temperament and I wanted to stay with the best F1 generation of dog.  After a lot of research, I decided SpringerDoodles would be the best answer.  These dogs are a wonderful solution for families who are seeking a medium-sized doodle with an exceptional soft hypoallergenic, non-shedding coat and very few health issues.

I cross an AKC English Springer Spaniel with an AKC Standard Poodle to produce SpringerDoodles (sometimes called Sproodles).  The SpringerDoodle pups are quickly house trained, eager to please, and bond quickly with their families.  I’m delighted to have parti-color, tri-color, and cinnamon puppies.  Most of our pups have a white blaze like their sire’s.  I remove dewclaws but I do not have their tails bobbed.

The coat of the Springerdoodle can range but it is usually about 2-3 inches long with wavy to softly curled hair, a beautiful fleece coat.  Hair on the tail, legs, and ears is usually longer and slightly feathered while the hair on the head and muzzle are shorter.  SpringerDoodles are consistently no-shed or very low-shed more so than the GoldenDoodles or LabraDoodles.  This is because the English Springer Spaniel does not have a thick heavy-shedding under coat.

Our SpringerDoodles are very family-oriented, highly intelligent, and best of all…….they do not shed.

Temperament:   The Springerdoodle breed of dog is a very sweet and happy breed of dog that is known for their playful temperament.  Because I only have STANDARD poodles in my breeding program the pups are very gentle, mellow and affectionate and they are very loyal to their family. They do well with children of all ages and usually get along well with everyone. The Springerdoodle is usually very good with other dogs and pets and they will even be accepting of strangers.

Average size:

Females:   16-21 inches and 35-45 lbs.

Males:   18-23 inches and 45-55 lbs.

Health Problems:

My F1 Springerdoodle pups have no known health problems.  Again in my breeding program I only breed purebred AKC Standard Poodles with a purebred AKC English Spinger Spaniel so the most common problem the pups can inherit is hip dysplasia.  Since I have my parents’ hips checked before breeding we have no pups that have this inherited problem.

Life Expectancy:

10 to 14 years


A good brushing once a week is all that’s required to groom a Springerdoodle.

Clover our Springer Doodle is amazing. When we picked her up last year our kids were 5 and 7 she is the sweetest and friendliest dog and super smart easy to train. Clover has been such a blessing to our home! James is in love with his dog. Clover is now 22 lbs and still growing. She was a hit at the ball game and many folks were asking what kind of dog she was. Then you could hear many little voices saying I want a springerdoodle.


This year has been amazing with Hurley!:) She is our little baby! she has the best temperament- and is the perfect mix of playful and affectionate even our friend who is a vet tech says that we hit the jackpot when it come to her personality and her temperament.
She is so smart- training her has been very easy- obviously a lot of work but she learns very quickly.
I just saw the pics of the springerdoodles from Nikki- I love the color of the two with the tri-colors. If you have anymore litters available with those colors please let us know! We have been talking about puppy #2:)….

Dash is doing so well! We are having Loads of fun with him. I will send a photo. He is growing fast! Should I have a groomer trim him and if so how often?
I heard from Nancy Malloy that she is getting one of your puppies. How fun!
Have a great day!

Jo Pfeil