Springer Doodle Puppies

“Shelby SpringerDoodles” – formerly known as “Shelby Goldendoodles” – is located on our family farm in central Illinois.  I’ve been devoted to raising beautiful, healthy, intelligent and affectionate first generation doodles since 2006.  At the beginning I raised only goldendoodles but since these dogs can get quite large I decided to find another doodle with all the great qualities of the goldendoodle but a smaller size.  Thus the F1 SpringerDoodles came about in 2012!


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Living with us humans are our beautiful Standard Poodles and 2 adorable male English Springer Spaniels, all AKC.  Both of these breeds are known for their intelligence and love of people.

A great added bonus with the SpringerDoodle is the light-to-non shedding coat.  So if you LOVE the temperament of the Springer and the intelligence of the Standard Poodle and would like to live without the shedding I have a puppy for you!

Our Pricing


All pups are $2500 regardless of color or gender. 


I don’t accept deposits until the puppies arer born.

Your Puppy purchase includes the following:

  • Assurance you are getting a very healthy, well-tempered puppy from a breeder with the education and experience to guarantee it.
  • A puppy from 2 purebred AKC registered parents who have excellent health and pedigrees.
  • Age-appropriate shots for the puppy, dewclaws removed, a vet examination, and 4 regular deworming.
  • Copies of parents’ registrations and pedigrees.
  • 1-year health guarantee.
  • Puppy’s Health record including all shots and wormings.
  • Bag of puppy food the puppy is currently eating.
  • Baby blanket that smells like Mom and siblings.
  • Crate and Vet’s health certificate if being shipped.

1449 N 1675 East Rd

Shelbyville, IL 62565

Tel: 217-259-2726


Hi Debbie!
We LOVE Charlie!! He is a mellow, happy, loving life type of character! He is about 53lbs now and has not had any health problems. I would not know what I would do without him! He was easy to potty train, barely barks and loves sleeping on our bed! He is great with the kids and constantly makes us smile. I would love another puppy but don’t see that happening rIght now due to finances! Charlie has said he wants’s a sibling!
We have camped a lot this summer and Charlie is an awesome camping dog. One of the attached pics was taken when we were camping!
Maybe we’ll come visit you one day as we often camp in Shelbyville!


Just an update to let you know Buster’s doing great and growing like a weed! Definitely loves the out of doors…even on rainy days. We love him!
Last weigh in he was 18.5lbs….that was about 3 weeks ago. He goes for his final shots on the 5th and will update you after his weigh in. We are doing puppy classes through the humane society and Buster is also a “hands on” dog used for an Animal Behavior class at the U of I. Twelve students love having a dog in class to hug…they miss their own at home. I think we are learning more than he is!

Cindy Schilling

Hi Debbie – I thought I’d send some recent pics of Gracie to show you how well she is doing and give you some pics to share with others interested in Springerdoodles. We get so many people stopping us to ask about her. She enjoys going to wineries to listen to music, the farmer’s market and even fireworks displays; and, she absolutely loves to go boating. She is adorable and fits into our family perfectly.
I hope your recovery is complete by now and you are doing well.

Kristi Knous

Purchasing Notes

Once I’m sure one of my dams is expecting a litter of puppies I will update my website with the information. When you contact me about a puppy I add your name to my waitlist and contact you after the pups are born. When I contact you at that time you’ll need to tell me you’re definitely wanting a pup and send me a deposit of $500 to hold either a male or a female pup for you. The order of pick is determined by placement on the waitlist. The order families get to pick will be based solely on the order of my waitlist. The $500 retainer is NON-REFUNDABLE and will be applied to the full price of the puppy. The balance is due when your puppy is ready to leave us at 8 wks.old unless being shipped and then it is due at 6 wks. The balance can be paid by cash, PayPal, Venmo or bank wire transfer or postal money order. If paying by check I must receive the check by the time the pup is 6 wks.old. If the balance is not received by this age the pup may be offered to another family for adoption with your forfeit of the retainer.

The pups are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age, sometimes at 7.

Shelby Springerdoodles agree to keep the pup up to 8 weeks of age. If it becomes necessary for the puppy to stay beyond this age for your convenience, there will be a $25/day boarding fee. Any expenses for air travel are additional and due by the time the puppy is 6 wks. old.

In purebred circles and crossbreeds like the Goldendoodles and Springerdoodles, there is a wide range of prices. You can purchase puppies for $500-800, or from $1500-3000 and up. Typically the lower prices are for puppies that come from parents who have not had any health testing or come from breeders who don’t care about the health problems of any generation other than F1. Usually, there is no health warranty offered by the breeder or breeder support after purchase.

It is important to understand that a lot of time and money has been invested in our dogs before considering them as breeding candidates. Typically I get my breeding dogs as puppies after extensive research of their pedigrees and health history and train and raise them myself. If they don’t meet my requirements for health and temperament I sell them as pets and do not let them breed. They are all AKC registered and come from reputable purebred breeders. I NEVER breed past the F1 generation.